10 Questions to Ask a Cabinet Refacing Company

You’re ready to transform your kitchen while saving time and money on a renovation, and you know that cabinet refacing will check all your boxes. Now, it’s time to choose a cabinet refacing company that you can trust to do the job right and provide you with beautiful, durable results that will increase the value and appeal of your home. To help you select the best company, we’re sharing 10 questions you should always ask a business before selecting them to reface your cabinets.

Learning About a Cabinet Refacing Company

Before the process begins, it’s important to work with a company where you feel empowered to make decisions and can see your options for materials, colors, and hardware in person as well as understand how the end result for your home will turn out. When you call a cabinet refacing company, we recommend asking these questions:

Do You Offer In-Home Consultations?

Having an experienced cabinet specialist come to your home and discuss exactly what you want and how it will work in your home is essential to getting results you’ll be happy with. For example, Cabinet Cures offers free in-home consultations to help you understand your options related to aesthetic preferences and practical features. This may include discussing cabinet extensions, installing slide-out drawers, and even adding custom cabinetry or an island based on your current challenges and what you want from your outcome. By seeing your kitchen in person, we’re able to communicate more effectively and also offer professional, practical solutions to get results you’ll love.

Do You Have a Showroom Where I Can Make Selections Based on Physical Samples?

In-home consultations are ideal for creating a strategy to get the cabinet solutions you need, but that’s just a part of designing your cabinets. You also need to be able to envision how the colors, hardware, and styles you choose will look in your home. You should ask a cabinet refacing company if they offer a showroom with full-size cabinets where you can look at your design options in person, rather than trying to choose based on small samples and images.

Are You Insured?

Working with an insured company is essential to protecting yourself. If you choose a company that does not have insurance, and a worker is injured on your property, you may be held liable for compensation. Also, if damage to your home occurs, and they don’t have insurance, you may be stuck with the repairs. At Cabinet Cures, we are a licensed and insured company so our customers can feel confident that they are protected.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Working with an experienced cabinet refacing company is ideal. We’re a locally owned and operated company that has been serving Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding area since 2005.

Questions to Ask About the Cabinet Refacing Process

Once you understand the company, you will want to ask them questions about their process to make sure they don’t cut corners or use less-than-ideal practices.

What Is Your Cabinet Refacing Process?

Before they start, it’s important to be aware of their process for refacing your kitchen cabinets. At Cabinet Cures, we remove all the doors and drawer facing and lightly sand and apply thin strips of natural wood over the frames and boxes, completely enclosing them. We then prime, paint, and finish them in the style of your choosing, taking care to lightly sand the wood in between coats for a durable, beautiful finish.

While we are working on the frames and boxes, your custom doors and drawer fronts are being manufactured. They are primed, sanded, and painted, then brought to your home to install. Finally, the hardware is installed along with any molding or kickplates. The process, from start to finish usually takes about five days.

How Much of the Work Occurs in My Home?

You want to still be able to use your home without it turning into a massive construction zone, so it’s important to verify exactly what will take place in your home, and what work will be completed at an offsite location.

Our cabinet refacing company paints the cabinet boxes and installs the new doors, drawers, and hardware, along with any slide-outs or customization, but otherwise, everything occurs outside of your home. This results in a faster process that is less disruptive to the homeowner.

Do You Build Custom Cabinetry?

If you want to increase your storage by adding extensions to the ceiling, building on extra cabinets, or even having a custom island put in, you need to make sure your cabinet refacing company offers custom cabinetry. Most of our projects involve some type of custom cabinetry or installing an island to help our clients get the exact kitchen that suits their lifestyle.

Do You Make Your Own Doors or Work with a Manufacturer?

While some companies do make their own cabinet doors, others choose to outsource construction to a manufacturing company. We prefer to work with a door manufacturer because this allows us to improve efficiency without compromising the results our customers deserve.

Will All Construction Trash and Waste Be Removed When the Work Is Done?

While cabinet refacing requires significantly less mess and construction than new cabinet installation, there will still be some waste and trash, like your old cabinet doors and hardware. Make sure the company sees that all waste and trash will be removed and the area is clean before they consider the project completed.

Our team respects your home and ensures it is left free of any construction waste, trash, or mess.

Is Your Process Environmentally Friendly?

Cabinet refacing offers a more sustainable solution to getting the kitchen you want because you’re keeping your old cabinetry and minimizing the amount of trash that ends up in a landfill. At Cabinet Cures, we strive to keep our process environmentally friendly by using non-acidic, water-based stains that produce minimal VOCs to keep your home safer and cleaner. We work hard to minimize waste where we can, and we also recycle old cabinet doors to repurpose into new consumer products.

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