Updating a Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing

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The Challenge: Builder Grade Cabinets Looked Dated and Drab

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The homeowners reached out to us because their existing cabinets looked run down due to poor installation and builder-grade materials. The simple round cabinet knobs and heavy hinges were uneven and cabinet doors and drawers appeared crooked, while brown molding along the kickplate created a drab appearance. They wanted to achieve a clean, polished look that aligned with their aesthetic while feeling confident that the materials would hold up to daily use and high traffic. 

The Goal: Achieve an Upgraded, Polished Look with a Modern Aesthetic

We worked with the homeowners to create a plan that would elevate the look of their kitchen. This involved: 

  • A full cabinet refacing along the cabinets and kitchen island. 
  • Enclosing open shelves to create a consistent look.
  • Installing beautiful crown molding along the top of the cabinets
  • Installing high quality white molding along the kickplate. 
  • Adding modern cabinet handles and drawer pulls 

Our Cabinet Refacing Process

Cabinet refacing offers a cost-effective, efficient alternative to cabinet replacement. Rather than tearing out the old fixtures, our team removes the existing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, and hardware, including hinges. At our workshop, our experienced team crafts new, solid wood doors, fronts, and molding as well as quarter-inch panels of natural wood that will be installed over the existing cabinet frames and boxes. We then apply several coats of a high-quality primer, the paint or stain of the homeowner’s choosing, and then apply a topcoat to ensure a durable, flawless finish to the panels, doors, and drawers. Finally, we install soft-close hinges on the interiors of the doors.  

At the home, our team enclosed the existing cabinet boxes and island in vibrant white panels and installed the new doors and drawers. Beautiful crown molding elevated the appearance of the cabinets while matte black handles and pulls supported the modern aesthetic. 

The Results: A Bright, Clean Space with a Cohesive Look 

kitchen cabinet refacing services after
kitchen wooden cabinet refacing after
kitchen island cabinet refacing after
white cabinet professional refacing after

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