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Want to learn more about Cabinet Cures Refacing services and standards? Simply click on any of the questions below to learn about general processes, color options, project timelines and much more! Please contact us directly if you would like more in-depth explanations, need more questions answered or are ready to book a consultation in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding areas.

What is Cabinet Refacing Exactly?

A great perk of cabinet refacing is that the current frame of your cabinet box is left and repurposed. This method does not require new boxes as a full cabinet remodel would. The full process involves replacing all old cabinet doors and drawer fronts, hinges, mouldings and covering the exterior boxes with a ¼ inch wood skin. While this process occurs, existing spaces in your home’s cabinet box can be altered for your new look. Cabinet refacing is the ideal choice if you are already happy with the layout of your kitchen and will dramatically cut down on cost.

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You may actually spend up to 50% more on full cabinet replacement when compared to a more simple refacing project. Think about it, the costs of rewiring electrical connections, replacing flooring, painting, countertops, and other possibly unforeseen obstacles can make a project become expensive quickly.

If you are happy with preserving the existing layout and makeup of your kitchen, cabinet refacing is the better option. This easy-to-implement method helps you enjoy your dream kitchen, master bath, mantle, or other custom cabinet project.

Cabinet Cures offers custom cabinets: Expanding your kitchen’s space and cabinets’ size is simple when you get custom cabinets and cabinet refacing simultaneously. We’ll expertly place new cabinet boxes so they will fit perfectly alongside the cabinets you already have once the refacing project is complete.

Most of Cabinet Cures of the Triangle’s projects are totally finished within 3 to 5 days.

Each kitchen cabinet project is unique to the kitchen space itself and your specific desires. To figure out how much your project will cost, please contact us for an in-home estimate. See below to find our Cabinet Cures contact form.

When you have gone over your vision with our design consultants, we will give you assistance in choosing your new style of door, preferred wood species and color too. Our skilled staff will make measurements to ensure your custom tailored materials will fit perfectly. Then our craftsmen will place an order to be manufactured in our facility, and once completed, it will be sent back to be installed in your kitchen.

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Our craftsmen only use solid wood for all of our cabinet doors projects. They come in a wide variety of wood types, colors and cabinet faces so you can find the right fit for your home.

We provide over 35 colors for you to select from with our proprietary finish system plus other finishes as well.  We never use paints to finish the cabinet doors since it will not hold up for the long term.

Our team will produce ¼ inch wood facing material for the cabinet boxes that match the doors in style and color. We utilize pin nails and a wood glue for all application of the materials, that way your finished look is not only visually stunning, but also built to durably last for a long time ahead.

Our seasoned staff does not place veneers on cabinet exteriors because veneers will usually bubble and chip over enough time. We only reface cabinet boxes with the ¼ inch wood facing material.

A corbel is essentially a decorative wall bracket. A corbel is made to reliably support a countertop overhang or shelf, while also acting as a beautiful visual element.

Yes, we have created a page just for a list like that! Read more about common cabinet lingo on our kitchen cabinet refacing terms page.

If you want to have your cabinets look rugged or antique, a professional can use the distressing technique to achieve this.

Your refaced cabinet will last decades, if they are properly cared for. Cabinet Cures Products pride ourselves in the quality of the doors, drawers, hardware, and in-house craftsmanship. Every finished product is looked over by our expert craftsmen after installation and is ready to bring your living space beauty. Finish products also come with a 5-year warranty.

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