Kitchen Transformation to Maximize Space

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The Challenge: Transforming a dark, small kitchen to improve style and storage

The Goal: To Maximize Space in a Cozy Kitchen Setting

In this project, the homeowners wanted to maximize the most out of the limited space in their small-sized kitchen. They wanted to maintain that cozy feeling that adds charm to the space while also allowing for a newer, cleaner, more modern look.

By choosing white cabinetry over the previously used darker wood, the space appears bigger and more open despite the square footage staying the same. By adding additional storage features like a built-in pantry and roll-out spice rack we utilized previously unused space.

Modifying the existing cabinetry to extend upward, toward the ceiling, we maximized the opportunity to add the additional storage space the homeowners were looking for.

We utilized previously unused space by adding additional storage features like:

A Built-in Pantry

We added new doors to an open shelf to make it more functional for storage:

Roll-out spice rack

The upper cabinet on top of the fridge was replaced with a bigger one, and the fridge was covered:

We added a pull-out drawer for easy access to cutting boards:

We converted a cabinet door into a pull-out trash drawer

The Results: A Modern and Cozy Kitchen with Tons of New Storage Options

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