Increasing Storage with Cabinet Refacing

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The Challenge: Wasted Space Above Cabinets And An Outdated Island

cabinet refacing with extensions before
cabinet refacing with extension before

The homeowners wanted to increase their storage space and eliminate the uneven cabinet heights while achieving a more modern look with a clean, white finish. They also wished to update an ornately carved island to reflect their modern aesthetic. 

The Goal: Extend the Cabinets to the Ceiling and Create a Modern Look

We created a plan to build onto the existing cabinet boxes to extend them to the ceiling to create a more even look with plenty of storage space. We also designed attractive, shaker cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and panels over the island to create clean, crisp lines.  

Our Cabinet Refacing Process

Our kitchen cabinet refacing strategy follows the same intensive process to ensure professional results and a beautiful finished result. Our team removes the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, crown and shoe molding and hardware from the existing cabinet boxes, and at our local workshop, we get to work constructing, cutting, and finishing the replacement doors, fronts, and molding by applying several coats of primer, then paint or stain, and finally a topcoat or finish in order to get a flawless finish. At the same time, we follow the same process to quarter-inch panels of natural wood in order to perfectly match the new cabinet doors and drawers. 

At your home, our team carefully lays the finished wood panels over the existing boxes and frames to completely cover them. Once they have set, we install the molding, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors, including soft-close hinges. Finally, we add the hardware to complete the transformation.

In addition to the refacing process, for this project, we built wood framing on top of the existing cabinets to extend them to the ceiling, taking care to create a continuous look free of seams or lines. We also refaced the existing island in the same shaker doors and drawer fronts, with a custom design on the ends. 

The Results: A Bright, Modern Kitchen with Plenty of Storage

cabinet refacing project 6 in raleigh after
kitchen island refacing in raleigh after
cabinet refacing in raleigh after
white kitchen countertop refacing
cabinet refacing Project 6 in raleigh After 4

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