Improving Beauty and Value with Cabinet Refacing

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The Challenge: Outdated and Inefficient Design Across Multiple Spaces


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Before Kitchen 6


Laundry Room


Cabinets and Wine Rack

In this multi-room project, the homeowners were struggling with cabinetry colors and styles that didn’t work with their design preferences as well as inefficient uses of space. This included: 

  • A rarely-used desk space with cluttered, open shelves; 
  • Dark cabinets in the kitchen with unused space from the tops to the ceiling; 
  • Bathrooms with brightly painted cabinets;
  • A living room wine rack that didn’t meet the homeowners’ aesthetic standards.

The Goal: Create a Cohesive, Modern Look with Improved Functionality

We sat down with the homeowners to create a plan that would increase efficient storage space in the kitchen and update the bathrooms, laundry, and living room spaces. Our goal was to bring cohesion and consistency across multiple spaces so that there would be a whole-home aesthetic that suited their style while adding beauty and value to the home. 

Our Cabinet Refacing and Custom Modification Process

Across each room, including three bathrooms, the kitchen, desk space, living room, and laundry room, we did a complete cabinet refacing. In this process, we removed all the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, and hardware. At our local workshop, our team began crafting new doors, drawer fronts, molding, and quarter inch natural wood panels that would be installed over the existing cabinet boxes and frames. 

We also constructed topper cabinets for the kitchen area to extend them to the ceiling creating an elegant balanced look. Decorative panels on the sides of kitchen cabinets and a custom wine rack for the living room cabinetry were also hand crafted. Each piece was primed, painted, and finished by hand over multiple layers to ensure a crisp, beautiful appearance. 

Once the materials were ready, our team began installing the new materials. This includes installing the extensions over the kitchen, desk cabinets, and living room cabinet, and laying the wood panels over the entire frame to ensure a beautiful, seamless finish. Wooden overlays were also installed over the existing cabinets, and once the frames were enclosed, we could install the new drawer fronts, molding, and cabinet doors with soft-close, hidden hinges. 

The Results: Beautiful Spaces and Added Storage Transform the Home

A Brighter, More Beautiful Kitchen

We constructed topper cabinets for the kitchen and desk area extending them to the ceiling. The decorative panels on the sides of kitchen cabinets help bring everything together..

Bathrooms With a New Look

The new colors and styles on this bathroom cabinet refacing project give the bathrooms a whole new look and feel.

A More Complete Laundry Room

Enhancing the colors and adjusting how the cabinets open helps complete the laundry room.

A Desk Nicely Converts to Additionally Storage Spaces and Elegance

Remember the desk opening? It was converted into a three drawer base and extension for the living giving a more balanced look. Additionally, the upper cabinets were extended and the openings were covered.

Enhanced Cabinets and Stylish Custom Wine Rack

Extending the living room cabinets creates a new balanced look while the new custom wine rack adds a new sense of style.

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