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Utilize Space More Easily with Cabinet Door to Drawer Conversion in Raleigh, NC & Nearby

One of the most common kitchen organization issues in a kitchen are the lower cabinets. These cabinets fill to the brim with pots, pans, and lids, creating a mess and causing one to struggle when trying to grab the right size. No one wants to get down on their hands and knees to grab a pot and pan if they don’t need to. A Cabinet Door to Drawer Conversion is hands down the best solution for these common kitchen problems in your Raleigh, NC or nearby area home.

Pullouts installed behind cabinet doors are another common solution but unfortunately create their own set of issues. Pullouts require both cabinet doors to be fully open in order to reach the pull-out. If the doors are not completely open, when you open the pullout it will bang up against the door. This can cause potential damage to the doors and are hindrance and annoyance. It also requires more effort to open the doors then open the pullouts. Door to Drawer Conversions simplify your lower cabinets!

How Does a Cabinet Door to Drawer Conversion Work?

This conversion process is pretty simple and will bring you more convenience. During the cabinet refacing process, we convert lower cabinet doors and the paired drawers into a banks of three deep, full extension cabinet drawer boxes. Our experts will take out the center stile that currently sits between your cabinet double doors. That will open up more room for your new drawers to be installed.

How a Door to Drawer Conversion Helps You

  • Vertical space and the back of lower cabinets are often wasted. This conversion will give you a big boost in space that can be utilized, all within the existing size of your cabinets. This allows you to maximize your lower cabinet space.
  • Gain better access to needed cooking items. This allows you to avoid getting on your knees and hands to search. You do not need to shuffle between the items in your cabinet when you can pull out the entire drawer to reach what you need. The drawer boxes will have higher sides, which lets them store more. No more lost items in the backs of cabinets.
  • Your space will be more versatile. The lower cabinets are no longer restricted to big, bulky items. Deep drawer space provides you with more possibilities to store more easily.
  • Give your kitchen an updated look with cleaner lines than the double door and drawer combo.

If you need cabinet door to drawer conversions, a great time to do it is while you’re also having your kitchen refaced. You can make it a part of your stunning new makeover! Our Cabinet Cures designers can help you plan where best to convert your cabinet doors into a bank of drawer boxes!

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