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Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Blending both function and form, glass cabinet doors are an attractive element in any kitchen, whether your aesthetic is traditional or contemporary. As part of our cabinet refacing services, we can install glass front cabinet doors that suit your style and add beauty and value to your home.

Why Choose Glass Cabinet Doors?

Glass kitchen cabinet doors are popular in kitchen design and renovations, but what makes them so appealing?

  • Suits all types of decorating styles, from mid-century modern to modern minimalist.
  • Reflects light, making the space seem larger, lighter, and more open.
  • Lets you show off attractive pieces and keepsakes.
  • Highly customizable with different types of glass, including stained or tinted glass panels, leaded, textured, or frosted glass to get the look you want.

Unlike other trends, glass cabinet doors have only grown in popularity over several years and continue to be a sought-after feature for homeowners buying a home or renovating a kitchen.

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Glass Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

At Cabinet Cures, we install glass kitchen cabinet doors during the cabinet refacing process. Cabinet refacing is a way to transform your existing cabinets while keeping the existing frames and boxes in order to reduce costs and save time on construction.

  • Existing doors, drawers, and hardware are removed from the cabinets and recycled.
  • Thin sheets and strips of natural wood are expertly applied to completely cover the existing cabinet boxes.
  • The cabinets are refaced in the color or stain of your choice.
  • New glass-front cabinet doors are crafted and custom-finished in our workshop then installed on your cabinets.
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Why Choose Cabinet Cures for Your Glass Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Cures proudly serves Raleigh and the Triangle area, providing cabinet refacing and custom cabinet building. We are dedicated to providing 100 percent customer satisfaction by providing the following:

  • Personalized in-home consultation with a member of our design team to help you get the ideal cabinet solutions, including glass cabinet doors.
  • In-home design consultant is with you from the start of the project to the completion.
  • All cabinetry work is completed by hand using natural wood (no pre-fabricated panels or veneers).
  • Experienced craftsmanship ensure your cabinets will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Plus, cabinet refacing and glass cabinet door installation is often up to 50 percent less than buying brand new cabinets, and we complete the project in a fraction of the time.

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