Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Terms

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Terms

When talking with one of our designers in Raleigh, NC or in a nearby area within the Triangle, it will be helpful to you to understand some of the terms used in the process and industry. Our designers may use these terms when speaking with you about your current cabinets or what you want for your cabinet reface. We want all steps of the process to be easy for you, so we’ve put together a collection of cabinetry related words that will often appear.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet Box Terms

  • Cabinet Box: This is the box that actually houses your cabinets. Doors are connected to this box.
  • Base Cabinet: Cabinet installed directly onto the floor. Some type of top will be installed above. Common tops options include granite, quartz, or tile.
  • Uppers: Usually positioned into your wall, this is a nickname for your upper cabinets.
  • Face Frame: Structural wood frame support attached to the front of the cabinet box built using rails and stiles. It provides mounting support to doors and drawers.
  • Frameless: Sometimes called European cabinets, this type of cabinet door utilizes hidden hinges. This is different than placing cabinet doors on the face frame.
  • Reveal: The amount of face frame you see around the door and drawer fronts when they are closed.
  • End Panel: This is the part of your cabinet that goes all the way to a wall.
  • Toe Kick: The recessed toe space located at the bottom of base cabinets.
Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet Door and Drawer Terms

  • Rail: Horizontal pieces of a frame.
  • Stile: Stiles are the vertical elements of your cabinet’s frame.
  • Center Panel: The panel in the middle of a cabinet door framed by rails and stiles.
  • Raised Panel: This is a center panel that’s constructed so that it appears to be elevated upwards.
  • Recessed Panel: Thin center panel that has the appearance of being inset.
  • Outside Edge: This refers to the four edges around your cabinet’s door.
  • Concealed Hinge: Hinge attached to the back of the door and to the cabinet box, obscuring the hinge completely when the cabinet door is closed.
  • Drawer Front: A drawer front is the outward front aspect of your drawer.
  • Full Extension Drawer Guide: Cabinet drawer glides that extend completely outside the cabinet. Allows for access to the full depth of the drawer box.
  • Door to Drawer Conversion: This process will transform your lower level cabinets into cabinets with extendable drawers.
Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet Finish Terms

  • Shaker: The minimal, square edge profile and flat panel makes this a highly popular cabinet door design.
  • Bead Board: Decorative wood center paneling style with evenly spaced surface grooves, paired with shaker rails and stiles.
  • Select-Grade: A select-grade wood won’t contain unwanted color highlights.
  • Paint-Grade: Cabinet wood that has minor color blemishes from sap that would show through stain but will not show through lacquer.
  • Rustic: This wood style comes with heavy grain and knotting to give it a distinct look.
  • Stain: Stains are used to bring out the grain, darken, and add color to wood. All Cabinet Cures’ stains are water-based and are used to enhance the natural beauty of the wood doors.
  • Tinted Lacquer: Tinted lacquer is preferable over painted cabinets since it comes with a stronger finish. You cannot see the cabinet wood underneath tinted lacquer.
  • Glaze: An accent finish that is applied to the entirety of a finished door. Adds depth and dimension that highlights door details.

Other Cabinet Related Terms

  • Mitered Joint: This joint is created when two 45° angled edges meet. This results in a right angle.
  • Cope and Run Joint: Wedges are cut from the sides of the rails and fit into matching grooves in the stiles. Also known as a Cope and Stick Joint, this is a type of mortise and tenon joint.
  • Dovetail Joint: A variety of mortise and tenon joint which is often utilized for drawer boxes.
  • Crown Molding: A molding that caps and finishes the top edge of upper cabinets.
  • Corbel:  A corbel is a bracket which can be used as either a supportive piece or simply as a visual piece. Great places to use corbels include: counters, mantels, island bars, cabinets and shelves.

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