How to Create a Kitchen Coffee Station

For a lot of us, coffee is a daily ritual. And whether you take your cup of Joe first thing in the morning, or you’re more of an all-day drinker, having a sacred space to perform that ritual can simplify your routine and make every cup taste like it came from your favorite cafe.

Creating your own kitchen coffee station takes a bit of planning and prep, and can be as simple or involved as you’d like it to be. If you are considering a cabinet refacing project to update your kitchen, you can work with the kitchen design experts at Cabinet Cures of the Triangle to determine the best solution for your new dedicated coffee station.

Before you get started, here are some how-to tips to help you plan:

Where to Place Your Kitchen Coffee Station?

What is the first thing to consider when creating a kitchen coffee station? Where should it go, of course. This will depend on what stage of the kitchen redesign process you are at in your own home and what your space allows. 

For instance, if you are planning a total kitchen remodeling project, and want to include a coffee station, then you have a little more freedom than most. Not only do you get to pick the placement, but you can also pick out the counters, cabinets, and storage solutions that work perfectly together to create a space that is as functional as possible for your needs. The experts at Cabinet Cures of the Triangle can help you evaluate your space and need to come up with stylish and innovative solutions. 

For instance, to save on counter space and maximize storage, you may consider adding a flat roll-out shelf to a cabinet. A flat roll-out shelf allows you to keep your coffee station on one shelf that can be rolled into a cabinet and hidden when not in use and pulled out each morning or for entertaining. You can also opt for storage options like garage-door style cabinets to hide your coffee station when not in use.

If you are working on a smaller-scale redesign your options and choices may be less extensive, but you can still find plenty of freedom in your setup. Choose a place that makes the most sense—maybe right in front of a window where light streams in each morning, so you’re sure to make your coffee with a view. Or right next to the fridge where your favorite latte add-ins are. 

Once you’ve found a place, you can begin setting up that area so that it makes the most sense for you. There are plenty of options for optimizing your existing space, with solutions like door-to-drawer conversions or even cabinet extensions for more space. 

If you don’t have the space or budget for something on a larger scale, creating a coffee station doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Find a bit of free counter space, use a stand-alone island, or wheel in a budget-friendly bar cart. Then, get to work organizing that area so that everything you need is within arms reach.


When choosing the placement you’ll want to consider questions like:

How close is the nearest sink? This will make filling up the water reservoir on your coffee maker, as well as cleaning out equipment and mugs, easier on you and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

How close is the nearest trash bin? For quick clean-up even on busy mornings.

How close is the nearest power source? You’ll need an outlet or power strip nearby enough to plug in all of your favorite coffee appliances.

What do you need to include in your kitchen coffee station?

Now that you know where you’ll want to set up your station, you can consider exactly what you need. 

Ask yourself questions like: 

What Machine Do I Use Most to Make my Coffee? 

Is your favorite pick-me-up a shot of espresso? Then room for an espresso-machine may be a must. Prefer a classic drip coffee? Make sure you have space for a more traditional coffee maker. Love the process of making your own french-press each morning? Then all you need is a kettle and a press for that full-bodied flavor. 

How Do You Take It?

If you’re a purist who likes their coffee black, then you don’t need to worry about all the bells and whistles. But, if you’re more in favor of a slightly sweeter brew, you may want to add some packets of sugar or honey, or make sure you’re close enough to the fridge to grab your favorite creamer. You may even prefer the art of a good latte, in which case, a milk frother and any of your favorite syrups are great additions.

What Kind of Cups or Mugs Do You Need? 

If you have an extensive mug collection, consider open shelving or mug hooks along the wall. If you just have one or two, something more casual will do the trick. Keeping your favorite mugs and thermoses on hand can not only add a hint of personality to the space, it can streamline your routine even further.

Finishing Touches

Once you know exactly what you’ll need room for, you can start figuring out where you want to keep everything. 

You might choose to keep all of your go-to coffee tools out and on display, if you’re a fan of a more eclectic look. If you like minimalism and want everything to have its place, you can opt for specific cabinet and drawer organizers for things like K-Cups, sugar, and other coffee supplies. 

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