6 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

A small kitchen can be frustrating both from a design and a functionality perspective. Fortunately, there are several ways to elevate your cramped space, both increasing storage and work areas as well as opening it up visually. To provide you with some inspiration, our cabinet refacing company is sharing six ways to make a small kitchen seem larger.

Choose Light Colors (and Say Goodbye to Dark Cabinets)

Dark colors absorb light and make a small kitchen feel dark and oppressive. If you currently have dark cabinets, it may be time to swap them out for a lighter shade. White is always a classic that reflects light and creates an open, airy feel, but other light shades, including sage green, pale gray, and cream can be beautiful, too.

white kitchen cabinet refacing

Pairing light-colored cabinets with an identical or similar color of wall paint keep the eye moving through the kitchen which makes it seem more spacious. Also, Light, bright walls, and cabinets allow light to reflect and move through the area which gives it a larger feel.

Instead of painting your cabinets, which often results in disaster, cabinet refacing is an excellent alternative to both DIY projects and a renovation. We apply a thin facing of natural wood over the existing frames and boxes and install new drawers and door fronts in the color and style you choose, creating a like-new look at a fraction of the time and cost.

Draw the Eye Upward with Upper Cabinet Extensions

If your cabinets stop about a foot to 18 inches short of the ceiling, it can make the ceiling feel lower and more cramped. Tall cabinets that reach the ceiling raises where the eyes look, and this makes the ceiling feel taller, which gives a greater feeling of space in your kitchen.

Instead of having all new kitchens installed, we can extend your existing cabinets by building frames on top of them, then refacing the entire cabinet in thin strips of wood and installing new doors. The finished result is a cabinet that looks brand new and beautiful, plus you’ll have additional storage space (which is always needed in a small kitchen).

Minimize Visual Blocks with See-Through Elements

Visual blocks disrupt the path through the kitchen, making it seem smaller than it is, while clear and see-through elements allow the gaze to continue through the object, giving the illusion of depth. Consider clear pendant lighting over metal fixtures and choosing glass-front cabinet doors over solid wood doors to make your kitchen seem bigger and deeper.

Don’t want everyone seeing inside your cabinets? You can still create the illusion of depth with frosted or leaded glass that allows light to reflect which also makes the kitchen seem brighter.

Eliminate Clutter Throughout the Space

One of the quickest ways to make a small kitchen seem larger is to simply eliminate clutter, especially on your countertops. Have cabinet space designated for small appliances to keep them off the counter, and limit knickknacks and decor to keep the area as clean and minimal as possible. Instead, choose wall decor, light fixtures, and window treatments that reflect your personality while adding functionality.

Reduce Sharp Contrasts

Bold accent walls, vibrant, patterned backsplashes, and dark flooring create visual stops that make your kitchen feel cramped and disjointed. While you don’t need to go with an all-white or all-gray approach, we would definitely recommend minimizing the shifts between dark and light. Consider white cabinets, sage green walls, and a slightly darker shade of green in the backsplash, or a gentle neutral palette.

Increase Functional Space with a Custom Island

Having a kitchen island offers much-needed storage and can create a comfortable, informal seating area, but choosing a larger option may make the area appear cramped. We build custom kitchen islands that work with your space, including compact or slim options that work with your space without making it difficult to navigate.

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