6 of Our Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2022

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Ready to update your kitchen but need some inspiration? If you want to see what all the designers are choosing this year ranging from paint colors to counter materials, we’re sharing our six favorite kitchen trends for 2022 to work into your plans!

Kitchen Trend #1: Sage Green

As we mentioned in our recent article on kitchen cabinet colors, sage green is the color of 2022, with shades of this soft, gray-green neutral being named color of the year by Benjamin Moore and numerous other paint Companies. What makes this shade edge out both the vibrant jewel tones and cool gray neutrals of the past few years? This muted shade brings a soothing, yet open feel to spaces and while it’s a fairly neutral shade that works with a variety of color palettes, it’s neither boring nor drab.

sage green Kitchen design trend 2022

Design ideas: Consider using this as a wall paint paired with cream-toned cabinets and wooden flooring (or wood veneer luxury vinyl plank) or go with more modern minimalism with paperwhite walls, tile floors, and sage green cabinetry.

Kitchen Trend #2: Black & White Kitchens

cabinet refacing raleigh

Black and white kitchens are popping up in more and more design schemes because this classic color combination is so versatile. Black and white tile floors and backsplash paired with white walls and black cabinets create an exciting, retro or glam look. Meanwhile, choosing black floors and white walls and cabinets embrace more stark minimalism. Black and white even work for modern farmhouses and country aesthetics when you add different materials and accent colors.

Design Idea: Keep it classic when you choose to reface your cabinets with white uppers and black lowers. This grounds your kitchen without making it seem too dark and oppressive. Warm up white walls and counters with a copper or natural stone backsplash.

Kitchen Trend #3: Natural Patinas and Textures

As we are seeing with the increase in sage greens and more nature-oriented hues, we’re also seeing a turn toward natural textures, aging materials, and understated naturalism. Instead of highly polished stone counters or stainless steel hood vents, homeowners are wanting something a bit softer and “lived in.” Think copper or matte brass hood vents with a softened patina that gives it a warm sheen rather than a high gloss. Similarly, soapstone and similar materials have excellent durability but don’t have the lustrous polish or embedded “sparkle” of marble or quartz.

Design Idea: Consider a rougher stone or tile backsplash in a cream, greige, or earthy hue instead of a high-gloss white subway tile. This would look beautiful paired with cream, white, or sage green cabinetry.

Kitchen Design Trend #4: Panel Ready Appliances

No, we’re not talking about the wall paneling from the 1970s and 1980s. Panel-ready appliances are designed so a customized panel can be installed on the front of the appliance. You’ll see this most often on refrigerators and dishwashers, though the bottom drawer of the oven and sides can be wrapped, too. While this used to be reserved as a luxury option, panel-ready appliances are now available at Lowes and similar home improvement stores.

Design Idea: Choose cabinet refacing in the same style as your customized appliance panels to create a cohesive look that’s much more affordable than a full renovation.

Kitchen Trend #5: Custom Cabinet Organizers

custom kitchen cabinet updates

Design isn’t always about how a space looks, improved functionality is just as important. Homeowners are tired of digging through inefficient cabinets for their pots and pans or precariously stacking cookie sheets and are now investing in specialty cabinet and drawer organization. Cabinets with slide-out trash bins, built-in racks for cooking and bakeware, and pull-out shelves for deep pantries are particularly in demand.

Design Idea: Work with a cabinet company like Cabinet Cures to turn your rarely used or inefficient kitchen storage into functional spaces that save you time and look fantastic.

Kitchen Trend #6: Shaker-Style Cabinets

While flat-panel cabinets surged in popularity during the 2010s, shaker-style cabinets have seen a return to the leading spot in the cabinet door and drawer popularity. With its recessed panel and attractive, yet minimal overlay, this style suits nearly every aesthetic, and as homeowners are choosing styles and designs with reselling and resale value in mind, they’re seeking options with more universal appeal.

White shaker cabinets

Design Idea: Instead of installing new cabinets to embrace this trend, have your cabinets refaced with new, custom-made shaker fronts to add appeal to your kitchen. Best of all, we offer a wide variety of cabinet colors to suit your preferences, whether that’s the earthy neutrality of sage green or the bold black and white look!

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