Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

If your cabinets are damaged, dated, or drab, you’re probably ready to give them a much-needed update. We understand that picking out color can be difficult, so, to give you a bit of inspiration, our cabinet refacing company in Raleigh is sharing the kitchen color trends for 2022 as well as some timeless classics that are always in style.

This year is all about green, but not the deep, jewel-toned greens like hunter or forest green, nor the vibrancy of kelly green. Instead, 2022 is about softer, more soothing tones. Sage green is especially popular, a beautiful blend of gray and green that works with all kitchen styles, including modern, country, and traditional aesthetics.

Several paint companies have chosen a shade of green as their color of the year, including:

While sage green is leading the trends we’re seeing, there are several other colors that are also becoming popular in kitchens across America.

French Blue

French blue has been a staple in French country decor for decades, but this muted, gray-toned blue is now making an appearance in all types of styles. It makes an impact without being overwhelming and works beautifully with both warmer palettes, including yellows and browns and can add warmth to a white or gray kitchen.

Navy has been popular for kitchen cabinets for several years, and we’re definitely seeing an increase in demand. While it’s not a true neutral color, it does act as a neutral in a similar way as sage green does, meaning it goes with a wide spectrum of styles and color palettes and works in nearly any situation.

We love Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore for kitchen cabinets as its deep, saturated hue is both beautiful and versatile.

Butter Yellow

Homeowners are wanting to add cheerful notes to their home, and what better way to do this than adding yellow? While some designers are choosing vibrant, bold lemon and sunshine shades, more homeowners are choosing soft, creamy yellow or buttery shades that add warmth and cheer without being over the top or deeper mustard hues that lend a welcoming sophistication.

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Always In Style

If you’re not sure that choosing a trendy color is right for you, don’t worry, these classic colors are always in style. Pull some of the colors from above into your decor through curtains, rugs, or artwork on the walls.


It’s not surprising that white is the most common choice for kitchen cabinets. Because they reflect light, white cabinets often make a kitchen feel larger and more spacious, and since this is a truly neutral color, any accessories or furnishings you choose will match.

If you’re worried it will look dull or stark, consider using white on your top cabinets and a darker color for your lower cabinets, or choose a warmer white such as linen or cream.


Gray continues to be popular with homeowners as it comes in such a variety of shades that it complements all types of styles. Warmer grays that are blended with beige are ideal for traditional looks while deep charcoal or gray-white can add a more dramatic, contemporary appeal.

If you love gray but are worried about it looking drab or dull, choose a warmer tone and pair it with contrasting colors like yellow.


Black adds a sophisticated feel to a kitchen, making it a great choice for modern or minimalist tastes. They’re also incredibly practical as they don’t show dirt or fingerprints.

It’s important to note that black absorbs light, so this choice works best in larger or more open kitchens or spaces that get plenty of light. Otherwise, consider lightening the space by using black cabinets on the bottom and white or gray on the top.

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