How Do I Prepare My Kitchen for a Cabinet Refacing Project?

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So, you’ve consulted with our professionals, picked out your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, finalized all the details, and are now just waiting for the day that our friendly cabinet experts arrive. Now, you might be asking yourself what you should do to prepare your kitchen for the project? Here’s some quick tips to consider to ensure your kitchen is ready.


Empty Your Kitchen Cabinets 

If your cabinet refacing project involves changing the functionality of your cabinets, converting doors into drawers then before your cabinet refacing project starts, you’ll need to empty most, if not all, of your kitchen cabinets out. Make sure to remove any breakable or sentimental items you have, any kitchen utensils you’ll need to use, important papers you might need access to, and other such items. 

Clear Out Any Clutter

It’s normal for your kitchen to be the designated space for clutter. But, to ensure your cabinet expert has an adequate place to work, set up tools, and move around efficiently, try to clear out any clutter in your kitchen. If your kitchen has additional movable furniture, like bar stools around your island, it’s advised to move those to another room as well. 

The other thing you’ll want to do is ensure there’s a clear, non-cluttered path from the entrance of your home to the kitchen. This will help your contractor work more efficiently and comfortably, as well as prevent any of the objects in your home from being damaged. 

Have A Plan

You may be looking to upgrade more than just your kitchen cabinets, like your sink, faucet, or kitchen paint color. If this is the case, be sure to plan wisely.

For example, it might be better to have your cabinets refaced before painting your home and getting your sink replaced to avoid conflicting work. And, it obviously wouldn’t be wise to have something like your flooring being simultaneously replaced while your cabinets are being refaced. So, be sure to have a plan to avoid any conflicting work.

Use Your Kitchen Each Night

Cleanliness is important! We clean up after we leave your home each day so you will have the ability to use your kitchen with no issues at night. When working with Cabinet Cures of the Triangle, you can expect clean countertops as everything can stay inside your cabinets, making your kitchen easy to use.

Snap Some Pictures!

The transformation will be incredible, so be sure to take some “before” pictures of your kitchen! This will help you remember how it all used to look before the remodel.

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