Is It Better to Replace or Resurface Cabinet Doors?

When it comes to upgrading your cabinet doors, whether they’re simply outdated and not to your liking or damaged, you have two main options: replace them altogether or resurface them. So, which option is better? To answer in short, it depends on a few factors, like the state of your cabinet doors and budget. So, keep reading for which solution is best for you to upgrade your cabinets and boost the appearance of your home.

What is the Difference Between Replacing and Resurfacing My Cabinet Doors?

Before we get into which option is better for your unique situation, it’s best to understand how each process works. 

Replacing your cabinet doors is exactly what it sounds like. It involves removing your existing cabinet doors and replacing them with brand new ones. Afterwards, the old ones usually end up in the landfill. With replacing your cabinet doors, you’ll most likely have to get the same color or style as your old ones so that they’ll match your existing cabinet frames and drawers, or you’ll have to completely replace your cabinet boxes and drawers, too. 

On the other hand, resurfacing your cabinet doors involves removing your existing cabinet doors, taking them to our facility to be quickly and carefully refinished to look brand new or completely different, and then reinstalling them. If you want your cabinet doors to be painted or stained, we’ll also add veneers to your cabinet frames so that they’ll match. 

Why Resurfacing Your Cabinet Doors Is Better

If your cabinet doors are structurally sound and not severely damaged, resurfacing your cabinet doors is the much better option for the following reasons:

It Costs A Fraction of What Replacements Cost

Resurfacing your cabinet doors costs a fraction of what replacing them would be, saving you thousands of dollars. That’s because you aren’t having to spend money on new materials or the manual labor involved in ripping out your existing doors, constructing new ones, and installing them. It’s ultimately the most cost-effective solution to making your kitchen or bathroom look wonderfully brand new.

Your Kitchen Won’t Be A Construction Zone for Weeks

If you’re replacing your cabinet doors, you’ll likely have to replace your entire cabinets, including the cabinet boxes and drawers. The entire process of ripping out your existing cabinetry and replacing them with new ones can take weeks, meaning your kitchen or bathroom will be a full-on construction zone for quite some time. On the other hand, resurfacing your cabinet doors takes just a few days, and you’ll have beautiful, updated cabinet doors in no time. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

Rather than throwing perfectly good cabinet doors in the landfill, why not simply touch up your existing ones with resurfacing? Not only will your wallet thank you, but also the environment. 

Your Cabinet Doors Will Look Brand New, But You’ll Have Saved Lots of Time and Money

Ultimately, choosing to resurface your cabinet doors will leave you with gorgeous cabinetry that looks like you just spent a fortune on replacements. However, you’ll have saved tons of time and money with our refinishing services.

When Should I Replace My Cabinet Doors?

The only time it’s really better to replace your cabinet doors over having them resurfaced is in the following situations:

Your Cabinet Doors Are Severely Damaged And/Or Falling Apart

If you have something like a giant crack in your cabinet doors that’s split from top to bottom, it’s best to just go ahead and get it replaced. Likewise, if your cabinet doors are severely damaged, falling apart, or not structurally sound, this is one of the few exceptions where replacing it is better. After all, you don’t want to get your cabinet doors refinished for them to completely fall apart a little while later. If this is the case with your cabinetry, our custom cabinet experts are here to help create some new ones for you.

You Want the Style of Your Cabinet Doors Completely Revamped

If you’re wanting to drastically transform the style of your cabinets, then it’s best to replace your cabinet doors altogethers. For example, resurfacing can’t transform your rustic, country style cabinet doors to something like modern, glass front ones. Resurfacing works best if you’re content with the style of your cabinet doors or if you’re wanting minor style changes. So, if you’re looking to completely switch things up, it might be time for some replacements. However, a lot is possible with our cabinet resurfacing services, so schedule your free consultation with our experts before deciding to replace your cabinet doors.


Let’s Upgrade Your Cabinet Doors With Our Resurfacing or Custom Cabinetry Services!

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