Should I Reface My Cabinets or Buy New?

Whether your kitchen cabinets have suffered enough wear and tear, are outdated, or just not to your liking, it’s common to update them at one point or another. After all, updated cabinetry makes a tremendous difference on both the overall appeal and value of your home. However, when this time rolls around, you might be wondering what’s the best option for you: to reface them or replace them altogether? Well, keep reading for answers. 

First, What’s the Difference Between Refacing and Replacing?

Refacing your cabinets simply involves removing your existing cabinet doors and drawer faces, carefully refacing them in our facility to make them look beautifully brand new and then reinstalling your cabinet doors once more. It’s a highly cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast solution to upgrading your kitchen cabinetry.

On the other hand, replacing your cabinetry is the more invasive option, as it involves ripping out your existing cabinetry and reinstalling brand new cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers. With this option, a major renovation will take place for weeks, meaning your kitchen will be out of commission for a while. However, you’ll have brand new cabinetry once the process is complete. 

When Should I Reface My Cabinets?

If You Want a Cost-Effective, Gorgeous Solution: If you’re on a strict budget, but still want gorgeous cabinetry, cabinet refacing is absolutely the best option for you. Once the job is done, it’ll look like your kitchen or bathroom experienced a major renovation complete with brand new cabinetry, but it will have cost only a fraction of what replacements would be. 

If Your Existing Cabinetry Is Structurally Sound: If your kitchen cabinets aren’t too damaged and you still like the style of your cabinetry, you’ll want to go with cabinet refacing. For simple updates like basic repairs and minor style changes, it makes much more sense to reface them and save loads of money and resources than to rip them out and replace them. In fact, if you have older cabinets, most of them are built much sturdier than newer cabinets, so a quick refacing job is definitely the way to go. No need to waste valuable materials! There’s tons of possibilities of what our refacing services can do to transform your cabinets, so schedule your consultation today.    

If You Don’t Want to Deal With the Stress of a Major Renovation: Our cabinet refacing services take a matter of days, whereas replacing your cabinets can take weeks. If you want to avoid the stress and mess of having your kitchen become a construction zone for a while, cabinet refacing is the perfect solution for you.

When Should I Buy New Cabinets?

Your Cabinets are Falling Apart: If your cabinets are literally starting to fall apart or they weren’t constructed well in the first place, it might be best for you to go ahead and replace your cabinets. Our cabinet refacing experts can of course repair minor damage, but if your cabinets aren’t structurally sound, out of kilter, or rusting, cabinet refacing might not be your best option. If you aren’t sure whether your cabinets are salvageable or not, just give our experts a call and we’ll come check them out. 

You Don’t Like the Layout or Functionality of Your Kitchen: Unfortunately, cabinet refacing doesn’t resolve a poor kitchen layout. So, if you’re unhappy with the layout or functionality of your kitchen, it’s best to go with a renovation and replacement. After all, you don’t want to spend money on refacing your cabinets just to still be unhappy with your kitchen. If your kitchen simply lacks cabinet space, however, our experts can definitely refinish your existing ones and build new custom cabinets for your needs. 

Let Our Cabinet Refacing Experts in Raleigh Upgrade Your Kitchen or Today!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your mediocre or damaged cabinetry and hello to gorgeous, modern cabinetry all for a fraction of the cost of replacements, get in touch with our cabinet refacing experts in Raleigh and the surrounding areas today! Schedule your free quote now by giving us a call at  919–809–6161 or by contacting us online.