Can I Reface My Cabinets Myself?

If you’re tired of your outdated or mildly damaged countertops, you may be wondering if you can boost their appearance with a little DIY cabinet refacing, rather than having to replace them. Cabinet refacing is certainly DIY-friendly, but this doesn’t mean you should take on this tedious task yourself or that it’s the most ideal option. Unless you’re an expert handyman, here’s why you should leave your cabinet refacing to the professionals. 

Cabinet Refacing Requires Lots of Materials

In order to do a proper refacing job, you need several materials and tools that most individuals, unless they’re avid DIY-enthusiasts, don’t really have, nor know how to operate. You’ll need:

  • Caulk gun
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Nail gun
  • Veneer Tool
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill Bits
  • & More

DIY Kits Often Utilize Cheap Materials That Don’t Last

You might think purchasing a DIY refinishing kit is the way to go, as it includes all the materials you need and seems pretty simple. However, this isn’t always the case. Most DIY kits are equipped with cheap, flimsy materials that are not only difficult to work with, making the job even more time-consuming and frustrating, but also don’t last very long. Sure it might last a few months, but you need a durable, top-notch solution that lasts, not a cheap, temporary fix. 

Refacing Your Cabinets Yourself Can Just Make It Look Worse, Costing You More Money

If your cabinet refacing job isn’t done properly, you can actually make your cabinets look worse off than before. Whether your veneers aren’t properly covering your cabinet boxes, your overlays aren’t exactly the right size, or your restained cabinet doors aren’t uniform, there’s multiple ways for a glaringly obvious mistake to downgrade the appearance of your cabinetry, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money to fix it.

DIY Cabinet Refacing Is A Long, Tedious Process

Refacing your cabinets yourself means you’ll have to complete a multitude of tasks that require precision and skill. So, it can be a very time-consuming process. The process starts with carefully removing all of your cabinet doors and drawers. From there, you can either restain or repaint them or choose to install brand new ones. Next, you’ll need to seamlessly cover your cabinet boxes with veneers. One simple mistake on this step can leave you with very unattractive cabinetry that’s very difficult to fix. From there, you’ll need to reinstall your cabinet doors and drawers and install new hardware if necessary. 

That’s the simplified version of this process that doesn’t include other tedious tasks like trimming the veneers, properly staining your cabinet doors, sanding your cabinets, or installing end panels. So, as you can see, DIY cabinet refacing can take a significant amount of your time and undivided attention. 

Conclusion: Unless You’re An Expert Craftsmen, Leave It to The Professionals

Like we mentioned before, refacing your cabinets yourself is absolutely possible. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Unless you’re an expert craftsman and are familiar with tools like miter saws and veneer tools, we suggest that you leave the refacing to the experts to ensure high-quality, stunning results. Our refacing professionals will ensure that your cabinets look flawlessly brand new for years to come, all for a fraction of the cost of replacements, ultimately saving you loads of money, time, and stress. Best of all, it’ll only take a few days! 

So, unless you’re a pro craftsman ready to take on this monumental task, go ahead and schedule your free estimate today!

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