Can Cabinet Refacing Add Value to Your Property?

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to put your house on the market or you have investment properties, your goal is to increase the house’s value. At the same time, you also want to minimize the expense of updates and renovation so you can get the highest return on any investments you make. Our cabinet refacing company in Raleigh is sharing how refacing your cabinets can add value to your property and can be the perfect solution to updating your kitchen without the stress and hassle of a full renovation.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing gives you the opportunity to transform the existing cabinets in your home. During this process, experienced craftsmen will replace the existing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware with new ones. While these are being ordered or constructed, the existing cabinet frames and boxes are covered in thin sheets or strips of either natural wood or a veneer. After the boxes are completed, the new doors and drawer fronts are installed, along with the new hardware, creating a fresh new look in your kitchen.

Cabinet refacing also allows for customization beyond color preferences and styles. We can also extend existing cabinets to add height or build additional cabinets to increase storage space, and by refacing the extensions, they will look as natural and attractive as the original structures.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Refacing Company

Some cabinet companies use melamine or laminate veneers to cover the cabinets and use prefabricated cabinet doors and drawer fronts during the refacing project. This tends to be a lower-quality solution that doesn’t offer the same beauty and longevity as using natural wood. We highly recommend working with a company that uses natural wood facing and custom builds your drawer fronts and cabinet doors to ensure you get the beauty and durability that will add value to your property.

Cabinet Refacing Vs Cabinet Replacement

Homebuyers and renters want an attractive, updated kitchen. A survey from found that nearly 80 percent of homebuyers feel the kitchen is the most important space in the house so renovating and updating this space is often seen as essential to increasing the value of a property. While you may need to replace countertops and flooring, cabinet refacing lets you keep the existing structures and offers several benefits:

  • Can be completed at a fraction of the cost of replacing existing cabinets;
  • Refacing only takes three to five days usually, compared to weeks for new installation.
  • No demolition is necessary, allowing you to continue using your kitchen during the process.
  • Customizable finishes and styles so you get exactly what you want.
  • Extensions allow you to increase storage space.

Overall, refacing gives you a completely new look for your kitchen without the high price, mess, and hassle of replacing your cabinets!

Does Cabinet Refacing Add Value to Your Home?

The big question is whether cabinet refacing adds value, allowing you to increase the selling price or the cost of rent for your property. Generally, the answer is yes. If your existing cabinets are outdated, an unattractive color, or damaged, refacing them with natural wood in a more attractive paint or stain will allow you to put the property on the market at a higher rate. Just as important, posting pictures of the newly updated kitchen will attract more interested buyers or renters to the property.

When you consider the return on your investment, the average ROI of a minor kitchen remodel is around 70 percent. Keeping the costs of the remodel low while still achieving stylish, functional results can lead to even higher returns, making refacing a worthwhile investment.

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