Pros & Cons of Glass Front Cabinets

You’re ready to update your kitchen, and you’re dreaming of a look that is all at once modern, timeless, elegant, and welcoming. You love the look of glass-front cabinets, but you’re not sure if they’re the right option. To help you make the best choice, our cabinet refacing company is looking at the benefits and challenges that come from glass cabinet doors as well as some solutions that allow you to have the best of both glass and solid kitchen cabinet doors.

The Benefits of Glass Front Cabinets

First, let’s look at why glass cabinet doors are so popular and the benefits they offer.

Makes Your Kitchen Look Brighter

Glass doors reflect natural light around the kitchen, making a dark kitchen or one with shadows much lighter, brighter, and airier. Placing glass front cabinetry near windows or in the corners offers more light reflection for the biggest impact.

Makes Your Kitchen Look Larger

Transparent glass allows the eye to continue through in a way that solid cabinet doors can’t, and this adds depth to your kitchen. If you have a small, enclosed kitchen, adding glass front cabinet doors can make it look larger and more spacious.

Breaks Up Monotony

In large kitchens with numerous cabinets, solid wood cupboard doors can look monotonous. On the other hand, glass cabinets can break up the monotony in several ways. Either by only using a few glass panels in select cabinets, choosing frosted or leaded glass, or placing attractive dishes behind transparent glass adds interest to your kitchen.

Improves Visibility

When you don’t want to look through countless upper cabinets, or you entertain and want guests to find what they need with ease, glass front kitchen cabinets eliminate the guesswork on where things are. Everything is clearly on display, whether you need plates, coffee mugs, or serving pieces.

Offers an Interesting Design Element

Having transparent cabinet doors allows you to take advantage of the space to create a unique design element. Line the back of the cabinets with eclectic wallpaper, install mirrors or shiplap, or add lighting inside the cabinets. You can also use the glass itself as an opportunity to create interest, such as by installing colored glass or even adding stained glass designs within the frames.

Offers Display Opportunities

Heirloom china, crystal, and other beautiful items shouldn’t be hidden behind solid panels, and while open shelving is an option, they’re likely to be covered in dust. Instead, glass cabinets allow you to display your favorite dishes and include them in your design style.

Suits Different Design Themes

Whether you love a minimal, modern look, farmhouse style, or French country, glass front cabinet doors work across all types of themes and styles.

The Downside of Glass Front Cabinet Doors

While glass fronts can enhance the look of your space, there are also some challenges to this option.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Glass doors show every fingerprint, grease smudge, and water spot while visible dust collects in the corners of the frames. While the upkeep only requires glass cleaner and paper towels, you will find yourself wiping them down fairly regularly compared to solid kitchen cabinetry.

Limits Storage Space

If you have mismatched dishes, plastic cups, and novelty mugs you would rather not have on display in the entire room, glass front doors offer little privacy. Similarly, if your kitchen cabinets are cluttered, you’ll probably want to reduce some of your items so you can display your dishes in a more attractive manner.

More Expensive

High-quality glass is installed in cabinet doors in order to reduce the risk of cracked or shattered glass. While this is safer, it’s also going to be more expensive than wooden cabinetry.

More Frequent Replacement

If the glass cracks, breaks, or discolors over time, you’re looking at more frequent replacement than you would with wood.

Finding the Right Balance with Glass Front Cabinets

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If you’re worried about the cons of glass but you still love them, there are ways you can get the best of both worlds in your kitchen.

Choosing Non-Transparent Glass

If you’re worried about cluttered or mismatched dishes on display, choose frosted glass or other non-transparent options so you still get the light reflection and beautiful look, but no one can see inside your cabinets.

Have Upper Cabinets Installed with Glass

If you are worried about fingerprints and visible dust, or you need more space, consider extending your cabinet frames to the ceiling and having glass-front cabinets installed. You can place your beautiful, but rarely used pieces there so they’re on display but not taking up valuable space.

Minimize Costs with Cabinet Refacing

Rather than having all new cabinets installed in your kitchen, choose cabinet refacing. We apply thin layers of natural wood over your existing cabinet frames and boxes while installing new, custom doors and drawer fronts. This gives you a beautiful, long-lasting look at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing cabinets.

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