Are Black Kitchen Cabinets Right for Your Home?

Black kitchen cabinets continue to be a popular trend in design, creating a striking, bold look in both traditional and modern styles. But how do you know if you should choose the dark side or go with a lighter option? Our cabinet refacing company in Raleigh is sharing the pros and cons of black cabinets and some ways you can use them to elevate the look of your kitchen.

The Benefits of Black Kitchen Cabinets

First, let’s look at all the benefits of choosing black cabinet refacing for your kitchen design.

Sophisticated Look

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The biggest benefit of having black cabinets is that they add elegance and sophistication to your home. Choose a frameless or flat style for a minimal, modern kitchen and pair them with white and gray elements. If you want a more traditional look and timeless sophistication, select cabinets with more decorative framing and hardware paired. Regardless of the style you opt for, whether you have a modern space or a country kitchen, you’ll love the dramatic look.

Hides Scratches and Stains

Your kitchen cabinets get a lot of traffic — they’re always being opened or closed, kicked, scuffed, or knocked into. Fortunately, black doesn’t show wear and tear like white or light-colored cabinets do, allowing them to maintain their flawless appearance, even when accidents happen.

Creates Bold Contrast

Black cabinets create a bold contrast to other elements in the room, such as white backsplashes, marble or granite counters, and white walls. However, you can also use them to tie several elements together and create a more cohesive style.

Creates a Cozy Feel

While black kitchen cabinets can be used for a modern look, don’t discount that they can also create a cozy feeling in your home. If you have a large space, high ceilings, or big windows in your kitchen, deeper colors can be used to make it feel more grounded and inviting, whereas a bright, white design may feel too sterile or cold. Consider adding brick, copper, brass, or other warm elements to the space for an overall quaint, cozy feel.

The Challenges of Black Cabinets in Your Kitchen

While there are several benefits to choosing black cabinetry, it’s also important to be aware of the challenges they can bring to your kitchen.

Frequent Cleaning

We mentioned above that black cabinets hide stains and scratches, but they can also show dust, fingerprints, and other flaws. You may find yourself spending more time wiping down your cabinets than you originally expected.

Can Make a Space Feel Small or Oppressive

The greatest challenge to having black cabinets is that they absorb light and can make your kitchen feel smaller. This is particularly true in enclosed kitchens with little to no natural light. Opening up the space by adding light, choosing some glass front cabinet doors, and balancing the dark cabinets with light counters, walls, and flooring can make this work, even in a small kitchen.

Finding the Balance with Black Kitchen Cabinets

The beauty of having your cabinets refaced is that you can find the right balance that works for your kitchen and your style preferences. Consider these options that allow you to have black cabinets without as many drawbacks.

Have a Black Center Island

If you have a kitchen island or have the space to have an island built and installed, consider black cabinetry for it with lighter-colored wall cabinets. The island will “ground” the space and stand out as an attractive, functional focal point without being too overpowering.

Go With Black Base Cabinets Only

If you’re worried that having only black kitchen cabinets will be too dark or make the space feel too small, split up your cabinets. Have your uppers refaced with white or a light gray color and select black for the base. Again, this will still create a grounded, sophisticated look while still feeling spacious and airy.

Lighten the Space with Coordinating Elements

Lighten black cabinets with a sleek white countertop, white or light gray flooring, and ample light fixtures that bring a balance to the space and keep your kitchen from feeling dark.

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