Solutions to Increase Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Is your roasting pan collecting dust on the top of the refrigerator because there’s nowhere else to put it? Do you dream of buying in bulk and minimizing your trips to the grocery store? Are you picking up an avalanche of baking sheets and pot lids anytime you reach for a baking dish or pan? If you are saying yes to any of these issues, you need kitchen storage that’s functional, efficient, and suits your life. Our cabinet refacing company in Raleigh is sharing some ways to increase your kitchen cabinet storage if you’re in need of inspiration.

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Installing Slide Out Drawers in Cabinets

If you are having to stack baking sheets or dig around in a cabinet-style pantry for ingredients, we understand this is inefficient and frustrating. Instead, slide-out shelving and cabinet drawers with dividers can be installed in your existing cabinets, keeping your baking and cooking equipment tidy and easily accessible when you need them without having to dig around for what you need.

Slide-outs can also be installed in cabinet-style pantries to make it easier to find the ingredients you need. Small packets, long boxes, and jars often find their way to the back corners where they’re hard to find, and keeping track of what you have is nearly impossible. Installing shallow, sliding drawers can keep your pantry more organized so you can find and grab what you need quickly. We recommend designating a kid-friendly section so kids can find and grab their own snacks from their own shelves!

Installing Drawer Dividers to Increase Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Kitchen drawers are often messy and cluttered, filled with batteries, ink pens, and old bills in no particular order. Installing compartmentalized dividers in your drawers can streamline organization by keeping items separate and easy to find. Office supplies, emergency sewing items, and batteries all have their specific spaces, transforming the junk drawer chaos into neat, orderly compartments.

You can also use drawer dividers in drawers beside the stove to create convenient spice and seasoning storage. This can save you from having to find counter space for a spice rack or pull what you need from the pantry before you’re ready to use it.

Add Lazy Susans to Corner Spaces and Upper Cabinets

If your pantry and upper cabinets are a jumble where you’re digging to find ingredients, this can make meal planning and preparation a stressful struggle. Lazy susans increase kitchen cabinet storage and allow you to utilize the space more efficiently by placing items behind other things but because they rotate, they eliminate the need to dig around for items. These work best in the corner shelving of your pantry or in upper cabinets where slide-outs may not be the right option.

Think Taller with Ceiling Height Cabinets to Increase Cabinet Storage

Do you have several inches of wasted space above your cabinets that just gather dust? Consider taking your cabinets all the way to the ceiling to add much-needed storage space. These tall cabinet extensions are perfect for large or rarely used items like roasting pans and smaller, specialty items like a juicer or waffle iron.

The good news about cabinet extensions is that you don’t need to install entirely new cabinets. Our cabinet refacing company can build onto the existing frames, then reface the existing cabinets and new frame extension in the same style and color of wood to create a smooth, seamless result that looks brand new!

Tiered Storage Leverages Shelf Space

Do you have rows of cans and bottles on a shelf with several inches of wasted space above them? Consider tiered storage solutions that take your cans, bottles, and other items up, allowing you to see what you have and make the most of your space. No more stacking cans or digging through your upper cabinet or pantry shelves to find a specific canned item or bottle.

We especially like the inexpensive wire storage for cans that hold two to three rows horizontally. This eliminates knocking over cans trying to reach for something else and makes each item properly visible when you open the cabinet.

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