Are DIY Cabinet Refinishing Kits Worth It?

Do-It-Yourself projects can save you a lot of money and still get you the amazing results you want. However, other DIY projects can end up doing more harm than good, wasting time, and money, and you still need to hire a professional to fix the mess. So, are cabinet refinishing kits a good way to update your kitchen cabinets or should you pass on this project? We’re taking a closer look at these home improvement projects to help you make the right choice for your home.

What Are Cabinet Refinishing Kits?

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If your current bathroom or kitchen cabinets are outdated or unattractive, cabinet refinishing kits you can buy at a home improvement store or order from Amazon may seem like the perfect solution. These cabinet makeover kits claim to have everything you need in one box, promise easy application, professional-looking finishes, and durable results.

The two most common options are:

  1. Nuvo Cabinet Paint Kits: This includes self-leveling, water-based acrylic paint and primer in one, a brush, and rollers. It promises a smooth, durable finish without the need for a topcoat or sealer.
  2. Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kits: This is a multi-step system, including texturizing the cabinets, deglossing, glazing, and applying a topcoat.

What Are the Steps Involved in a Cabinet Refinishing Kit?

The instructions on a cabinet refinishing kit makes it seem like an easy weekend project where you get flawless results, but often, the reality is much different. Let’s look at the steps involved in a DIY refinishing project:

  • Removing all cabinet doors and hardware (and finding a place to put them) is time-consuming and requires a stable surface on which to sand, paint or glaze, and finish them.
  • Sanding or “scrubbing” the surface with steel wool to ensure better adhesion of the paint or glaze. While some kits say this isn’t necessary, we would always recommend sanding before adding a coating.
  • Applying multiple coats of the finish, whether this is paint, glaze, or other coating included, allowing them to try in between.
  • Applying a top coat or sealant. This may not be a part of the kit, but it can protect the paint and help it prevent chipping or other problems.
  • Allowing the coating to fully dry or “cure” before re-installing the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware.

Does a Cabinet Paint Kit Get Professional Results?

While these kits often promise “100% satisfaction guaranteed,” this is far from the case for most homeowners. When refinishing or painting cabinets, you have to remember this is not as simple or forgiving as painting a wall, especially kitchen cabinets. Many of the problems we have seen after a homeowner has tried a cabinet refinishing kit include:

  • Visible brushstrokes, drips, and roller lint embedded in the finish.
  • Uneven or streaky finish.
  • Finish begins chipping, peeling, or flaking soon after the project is completed.
  • Fingerprints, scuffs, and marks on the finish because it didn’t fully cure before use.
  • Paint, glaze, or sealant drips on countertops and flooring.
  • Discoloration to white and light-color cabinets.

What’s the Best Alternative to DIY Cabinet Refinishing?

Instead of spending time and money on a project that could end up leaving your cabinets looking worse than when you started, consider professional cabinet refacing instead. Unlike replacing your cabinets, we leave your cabinet frames and boxes in place, but they are completely covered in thin strips of natural wood that are professionally handpainted or stained and sealed to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability. Your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new, handcrafted doors and drawers that have also been professionally sanded, painted, or stained, and sealed so they maintain their new, beautiful appearance even through years of use and traffic. And finally, the hardware is replaced so you can enjoy brand new, soft close hinges.

Cabinet refacing can be completed at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing cabinets, but still provides the transformation you’re looking for. And unlike cabinet refinishing kits, we do ensure 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed!

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