Choosing Laminate or Wood Cabinet Refacing

You’re ready to update your cabinets and have chosen cabinet refacing due to its lower cost, minimal hassle, and beautiful results compared to cabinet replacement. Now, your next decision is choosing whether you should have your cabinets refaced in either wood or laminate. To help you determine the better option, our cabinet refacing company in Raleigh is sharing the pros and cons of each material.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

First, before we dive into the different materials, it’s important to know how cabinet refacing is done so you have a better idea of which material will get better results. With this method, your existing drawer fronts and cabinet doors are removed and new ones are installed in the style and color of your choosing. While waiting for your new drawers and doors, thin strips of laminate or wood are carefully laid over the existing cabinet frames and boxes, completely covering them with the new material. Then, the doors and drawer fronts are installed, creating a brand new look to your cabinets free of seams or lines where the facing was laid.

Pos and Cons of Laminate Cabinet Refacing

Laminate is a multi-layered material in which thin layers of plastic are laid over particle board. On top of that kraft paper is laid, followed by a second layer of paper in which a design has been printed (often a wood grain pattern). On top of the patterned paper, a clear resin is applied as a sealant to protect the material.

Pros of Laminate

  • Wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy maintenance

Cons of Laminate

  • Not water resistant and can buckle, peel, or warp
  • Scratches and dents can’t be repaired
  • Doors and drawers are pre-fabricated, offering minimal customization
  • Not very durable for long-term use

Pros and Cons of Wood Cabinet Refacing

With wood cabinet refacing, we use thin strips of solid, natural wood to lay over the existing cabinet frames and boxes, while solid wood doors and drawer fronts are hand-crafted. Common wood species used in refacing include maple, alder, cherry, and hickory.

Pros of Solid Wood

  • Beautiful, natural appearance
  • Can add value to the home
  • Customizable with stain, paint, or lacquer
  • Easy to repair if scratched or dented.
  • Sealed wood is more resistant to moisture and warping
  • Can maintain its beauty for years
  • Doors and drawer fronts are crafted by hand for a more customized look

Cons of Solid Wood

  • More expensive
  • Requires care with gentle, wood-safe products

At Cabinet Cures, we choose to use real wood over laminate because we feel the beauty and longevity of natural, solid wood outweigh the lower cost and shorter life span of laminate. Because refacing is already significantly less expensive than replacing your existing cabinets, we feel the investment in real wood is well worth it.

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