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The species of a wood for your cabinet doors and materials is vital to creating the look you want. We can assist in enhancing the natural glow of the wood pieces with our water-base stains. Because wood varies between species, it is important to choose the right wood for your custom cabinet refacing in Raleigh, NC and the nearby areas. Please check out our available wood species below, they’ll help you get some great ideas for your project.

Select Maple Wood

Maple is a large family of wood that grow all over the world. The maple we carry is a sturdy wood. It does not carry much grain with it. The wood color is a creamy, pale yellow with strong consistency. Select maple is a fine selection if you desire an appearance that is subtle.

Paint-Grade Maple Wood

We also use this maple for our tinted lacquers. Paint-grade maple is very hard. It also has hardly any grain. These two aspects make it a great wood for adding lacquer to. The result is a strong and smooth finish for your cabinets. Since our tinted lacquer is completely opaque, we use paint-grade wood that has less color consistency. This type of maple is great for the custom lacquers we use.

Select Alder Wood

Alder is a species of trees that grows primarily in the northern temperate climate. It’s surface is particularly great for holding in stains. It’s grain is generally straight and smooth. Its natural color is a light brown with reddish undertones, taking stains darker than our maple. This wood type usually weighs less than others and is consider to be softer. Take precautions when using, so that unwanted damage like denting does not occur.

Rustic Alder Wood

Rustic alder wood is sought out because its a bit different in appearance. Knots set this species apart. The knots within can appear bigger or smaller and can sometimes extend through both sides of the wood. Some doors may have little in the way of knots and grain. Others may be covered. Lighter stains are preferred on Rustic Alder to let the wood itself be the focus. This kind of wood fits well in cabin styled as well as in southwest styled kitchen settings, helping to extenuate the overall theme.

Sapele Wood

Also known as Sepelli or Sepele Mahogany, Sepele is a tree native to tropical Africa. This species is a hard wood. It’s very much like mahogany. In fact, this species actually has begun to replace mahogany use as mahogany supplies have dwindled in recent history. A natural stain works in harmony with this wood. Ribbony grain is a usually characteristic of this wood. The actual color can range beginning at golden all the way to a dark reddish brown. Sapele Wood is a perfect answer to a modern kitchen.

Hickory Wood

Hickory is a hardwood tree native to North America, China, Southeast Asia, and India. This is a very sturdy wood that is prized for it’s strength. It’s wood color is a medium brown with golden highlights and with intense color variation. You’ll enjoy a medium texture and fairly straight grain with this species. It can lend a wilder side to your home’s space. People often use Hickory for country homes or cabin settings.

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