Tips to Help You Choose the New Look of Your Refaced Cabinets

Are you looking to upgrade your out-of-date kitchen by transforming and refacing your kitchen cabinets? Cabinet Cures of the Triangle has served the local Raleigh community for over 15 years, bringing modern, freshly refinished cabinets to homes all over Wake County. 

Our kitchen cabinet refacing company is sharing our favorite tips to help you choose the new look of your refaced cabinets. Knowing what to consider when taking on a new design project is paramount to achieving the look and feel of the dream kitchen you always wished for. From different themes, styles, accent ideas, and questions to ask your cabinet-refacing contractors, we hope to make your kitchen renovation fun, easy, and affordable. 

Choose a Style and Design Aesthetic

Kitchen cabinet refacing has increased in popularity over the years as more and more people are looking for cost-efficient upgrade options that are fast and easy, without having to renovate their entire space. Choosing to renovate one of the busiest rooms in your home through kitchen cabinet refacing allows you to choose any color and finish as well as specific design details that will brighten, modernize, and organize your kitchen. 

One of the most important tips for kitchen cabinet resurfacing is to consider what kind of design aesthetic appeals to you. This is one of the most fun parts of your kitchen makeover– determining the styles, colors, finishes, and thematic elements that will transform your kitchen from just another room in your house to a beautiful, accessible space where you cook, entertain, and spend time with friends and family. 

Popular Cabinet Refacing Styles, Colors, and Finishes

At Cabinet Cures of the Triangle, our experts in kitchen cabinet refacing strive to deliver results where your renovated kitchen fits your preferences and lifestyle. There are many styles and themes to choose from so our contractors can reface your cabinets to your liking. 

Here are some of the popular kitchen cabinet refacing styles that our clients might consider: 

  • Sleek, clean, ultra-modern shaker cabinets. 
  • Ornately detailed moldings and carvings. 
  • Traditional and timeless inset or overlay cabinets. 
  • Glass cabinets or open shelving to showcase stored items. 
  • Rustic, distressed farmhouse style. 
  • Streamlined modern industrial craftsmanship. 

When considering color choices for your newly refaced kitchen cabinets, there is no limit to the look we can achieve:

  • Chic, sleek all-black kitchen.
  • Classic all-white kitchen. 
  • A modern and unique boldly colored kitchen. 

One of the most important parts of your kitchen cabinet makeover will include our refacing experts completing the job with a finish that brings the look together and compliments your design aesthetic. 

Some finish options include: 

  • High gloss finish that makes colors pop. 
  • Satin finish that accentuates the natural wood carvings and design. 
  • Matte finish for a contemporary appeal. 
  • Brushed finish for a muted effect. 

Accent Details Bring it All Together

Once you know the style, color, and finish that appeals to you for your kitchen cabinet refacing transformation, everything comes together with one final design choice: the type of accent details and hardware used. 

Choosing handles, knobs, or pulls that compliment your newly refaced cabinets will make all the difference in giving your kitchen the refreshed look you hoped for. From hardware available in brass, copper, nickel, matte-black, and more, the finishing touches of modern or traditional hardware elevates your kitchen from run-of-the-mill to something unique you can truly be proud to show off and entertain in. 

Consider Ways to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

Even though looking at design choices is fun, finding ways to maximize your existing space by creating more storage space and building inserts for drawers and cabinets is a great way to improve your kitchen’s functionality. 

Create More Storage with Cabinet Extensions

If you find that your current cabinetry is overflowing with items or you simply do not have enough space to store all the dishes, utensils, and kitchen gadgets, it’s a good idea to consider the ways to maximize your space with cabinet extensions

Cabinets can be extended upward to reach the ceiling, adding more shelves for your items. Additionally, our cabinet refacing professionals can extend your cabinets outward, widening the space of the shelves where we can. 

Having your cabinetry’s size extended either upward or outward during the process of kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to gain more space in your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Space with a Kitchen Island or Pantry 

Depending on the floor plan of your kitchen, adding a kitchen island or a food pantry to your kitchen during the cabinet refacing process allows more room for storage while also adding to your home’s resale value. Our kitchen design expert will create an island that fits the size of your kitchen and match its drawers and cabinet faces and hardware to your other newly refaced cabinets. 

Select the Right Cabinet Refacing Company for Your Project

When looking for a cabinet refacing company for your kitchen makeover, there are two specific things we recommend: selecting a company that will come to your home for a free design consultation and finding a company that has a showroom that displays a variety of different designs, styles, colors, and finishes. 

Additionally, asking to see before and after gallery images is a great way to know if a cabinet refacing company is the right pick for your kitchen remodeling project. Getting the kitchen of your dreams is entirely achievable when working with professionals you can trust who can show you previous work that has transformed kitchens like yours. 

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Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade? Our Raleigh cabinet refacing company is excited to help you design the kitchen you’ve always wanted– from choosing a style, and accent details, and maximizing your kitchen into a modernized, functional space. 

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