Cabinet Color Trends for 2023

From colorful accent walls, mixed neutrals, and classic color staples, the cabinet color trends for 2023 are exciting, refreshing, and versatile

If the past few years of kitchen cabinet design trends have taught us anything, it’s that bold colors have reigned supreme. As we look forward to what color trends will make an impact in this new year, design experts assure us that color is here to stay. 

From colorful accent walls, mixed neutrals, and classic color staples, the cabinet color trends for 2023 are exciting, refreshing, and versatile– allowing your kitchen cabinet refacing project to be customized to represent you, your family, and your home. 

Two-Toned Cabinets

Despite being one of the most popular color trends of last year, two-toned cabinetry is as popular as ever in 2023 and not going out of style anytime soon. The key to getting the best-looking kitchen possible out of this color trend is to choose two colors that complement one another well without distracting the eye in a way that feels unnatural. One of the reasons that dual-colored cabinets for kitchens are so popular is that it allows homeowners to experiment with color options without going one hundred percent on that color. 

Some approaches to two-toned cabinet refacing are to choose one lighter color for upper cabinets and another darker color for lower cabinets or to opt for a boldly colored kitchen island while maintaining the rest of the kitchen cabinetry in a neutral color. Another trending way to have dual-colored kitchen cabinets is to choose one color for the crown molding and accents, such as hardware, and another for the rest of the cabinetry. 

When choosing colors, they should complement one another while creating contrast and depth in the space. 

Some of our favorite two-toned color combinations for 2023 are: 

  • Classic black and white. 
  • Blue and white.
  • Indigo Blue and light gray. 
  • Jade green and beige or ivory. 
  • Dark gray and blush. 
  • Soft buttercream and taupe brown. 

Kitchen Cabinets in Earth Tones 

Natural earth-tone colored kitchens are not just for farmhouse-style homes or cottages, though the color palette certainly draws from them for inspiration. While the last few years have shown popularity in choosing bold colors to accent kitchens, one of the trends for 2023 is to go back to basics. 

When considering earth tones, this includes neutral, brown, and beige. However, the concept of an earth-toned color palette draws inspiration from nature– so greens, reds, blues, black, grays, and more would be unique ways to create an earth-toned kitchen. 

Some colors to keep an eye on in 2023 for kitchen cabinet refacing are: 

  • Sienna reddish brown
  • Burnt orange
  • Forest green 
  • Smoky gray. 
  • Light sky blue. 

When choosing a bolder shade of an earth tone, like sienna, for example, pairing it with black, copper, or gold accents that compliment the color is the perfect way to balance out a striking earth tone with a neutral contrast. 

Matte Black Cabinets

Not only does black never go out of style, it additionally communicates an idea of timeless, yet contemporary elegance in any form. When the texture is completed with a matte finish, it further makes a statement in modernism and beauty. Opting for a matte black kitchen cabinet refacing is one way to build a kitchen remodel that will make an impact when entertaining.

For decades the all-white kitchen became the hallmark of what constituted a picture-perfect kitchen. While all-white kitchens are still popular, 2023 will see all-black kitchens starting to catch up in popularity as one of the classic choices for kitchen remodels. A matte finish on black paint demonstrates sophistication and can be paired with a variety of different styled and patterned backsplash designs for contrast. 

With polished brass hardware and white or ivory marble countertops, your matte black cabinets will pop with a blend of innovation and vintage industrialism that has become a commonly sought-after trend for all the rooms in a home in recent years. If you worry that an all-black matte finish kitchen could make your space feel enclosed, you can choose to do black matte lower cabinets with upper glass cabinets for a lovely, open contrast. 

Matte Black Cabinets and two different materials for countertops. The butcher countertop brings a warm feeling and matches the bronze handles.

Cabinets in Fiery Bold Colors

The past few years have seen a rise in the amount of blue, green, and purple shades used for kitchen cabinet refacing. As we continue further into 2023, those colors will remain popular, but a rise in even bolder, fiery color choices in shades of red, yellow, and orange are finding its place in kitchens around the U.S. 

Red, in particular is finding its place as a staple color in kitchens, and one way to embrace this trend is to showcase your center kitchen island in a bold shade of crimson, burgundy, or terracotta while opting for a neutral like ivory, tan, or cream to create balance. Alternatively, those red shades can be further accented by another bold color choice like midnight blue or mustard yellow. 

The fun of bold colors is that they are stylish and energizing and make a statement that a traditional white or beige kitchen alone cannot achieve.

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