Choosing a Glaze or Accent Finish

Durham Cabinet glaze

Choosing the finish for your kitchen cabinets can transform the look of your space, but how do you know what option is right? Our kitchen cabinet refacing company in Durham is sharing a closer look at cabinet glazes and accents, two very unique processes that result in very different results, so you can choose the right one for your home.

Glaze Finishes

A glaze finish is a thin, semi-transparent coating that is applied by hand over cabinets that have already been lacquered, stained, or painted. After it’s applied, the excess is wiped away, with some of the glaze left in the spaces of the wood, such as the molding, edges, engravings, and imperfections. This tints the cabinet door a different shade while adding depth and texture.

This application is often used in kitchens with rustic, country, or antique design schemes as it creates a worn “shabby chic” look.

Accent Finishes for Cabinets

Accent finishes are similar to glazes, but instead of brushing on the coating across the entire door, it’s applied with a finer brush or pen into the carving, molding, or imperfections of the wood. This allows the original lacquer or stain to be left in its original state while still adding the highlights and depth that a glaze offers.

Accent finishes are more precise and while they still have a rustic look, they don’t have the traditional worn or broken-in look that glazed cabinets have.

Choosing Cabinet Cures for Your Cabinet Glazing

At Cabinet Cures of the Triangle, we only use high-quality, water-based custom glazes and protect them with a crystal clear top coat. Then, each one is inspected to ensure the results meet your expectations and look exactly how you want.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality service, so whether you’re choosing to glaze newly refaced cabinetry or you want to have accenting added to a custom construction, you’ll love the results!

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