Corbel Installation in Cary

cary corbel installation

If you want to improve the look of boring or flat cabinets or add lovely and functional shelving elements, consider installing corbels. Our cabinet refacing company in Cary will work with you to design and install the right cabinet features for your home, and, for many homeowners, this means blending decorative and functional elements, including corbels to wall cabinets, kitchen islands, shelving, and breakfast bars.

What Are Cabinet Corbels?

Corbels are carved brackets that offer support to shelving or ledges that are meant to be decorative as well as functional. These classic elements have been used for hundreds of years as supports for roofs, walls, and shelving, cut or carved from stone. Their shape was once thought of as beak-like, so they were called corbels as as a derivative of ‘corvellus,’ the Old French word for ‘raven,’ comes from. Wooden corbels became popular in the Victorian Era, where they were used as design elements in cathedrals, libraries, and community buildings.

Today, they are more often added for decoration throughout the home than for structural integrity. While they were originally cut and carved from stone, today’s corbels are made from stone, resin, metal, plaster, or wood. You’ll most often see them in doorway corners, under shelving or countertops, or under cabinets.

Choosing the Optimal Corbels for Your Home

Corbels are available in all types of designs, from intricately carved to minimalistic modern.

Traditional Wood

Traditional wood corbels are typically machine-carved or hand-carved and can compliment rustic or traditional kitchens with the attractive details.

Mission Style

Also called Shaker Style, Mission style is characterized by vertical lines and recessed panels. While they date back to Spanish missions in California in the 1700s, today, they’re often incorporated into modern design.


Modern corbels are sleek and clean, with minimal detailing that are designed to highlight a more functional aesthetic.

Acanthus Leaf

Dating back to Ancient Greece, Acanthus Leaf is a very intricate, complex design that features vine and leaf carving. This is ideal for an elegant design aesthetic.


Simple, curved corbels are an excellent addition to both contemporary and traditional designs and will add a clean beauty to your space.

Why Choose Cabinet Cures

At Cabinet Cures of the Triangle™, any cabinetry detailing or finishing is done by hand by our experienced team of craftsmen, and that includes adding corbels to your cabinetry. With nearly three decades in the industry, you can feel confident in our experience, skill, and dedication to the craft.

In addition to providing exceptional quality and workmanship, we offer several service packages and upgrades to ensure you get what you want, including an in-home design consultation. We understand that old, outdated cabinetry can be an eyesore, but with our turn-key services, you’ll get a kitchen or bathroom facelift that adds value to your home.

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