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If you want to increase functional space in your cabinets, consider converting the space to convenient, slide-out drawers. The lower cabinets are often crammed with pots, pans, muffin tins, and awkward kitchen gadgets, waiting to spill out when you open the doors. With custom cabinet drawer installation in Cary from the craftsmen at Cabinet Cures of the Triangle, we can transform crowded cabinets into tidy, efficiently organized spaces.

How Does a Cabinet Door to Drawer Conversion Work?

Converting cabinets to slide out shelves is much easier than you think. While we reface your cabinets, we can convert the bottom cabinet doors and the connected drawers into a banks of three deep, full extension cabinet drawer boxes. Our experts will take out the center stile that is placed between the cabinet double doors in order to open up more room for your new drawers to be installed.

Why Choose Cabinet Drawer Installation

Consider these benefits of installing slide out drawers in your existing cabinets.

  • No more wasted space in the back of your cabinets;
  • Find what you need without having to dig around;
  • No more lost items in the corners of your cabinets;
  • Versatile space. Instead of reserving the lower cabinets for big, bulky items, adding drawers gives you more options;
  • Clean, attractive lines and an updated cabinet exterior.

Completing this project in conjunction with having your cabinets refaced makes your kitchen functional as well as beautiful at a fraction of the cost of a renovation, and our design team can even help you plan where and how to convert your cabinet doors into drawer boxes.

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