Types of Wood for Cabinets in Cary

wood types for cabinets cary

Choosing a type of wood for your cabinets may not seem like a big decision, but because each species has different qualities, your choice can drastically affect the overall look of your kitchen. We offer seven different species of wood for cabinet refacing in Cary that isn’t just attractive, they are durable enough to maintain that beauty even with heavy wear and use.

Types of Cabinet Wood

Your choice should depend on the end result you want, whether that’s painting your cabinets or going for a rustic look. No matter what, we have the right types to optimize your choices.

Select Maple

Maple is a commonly used wood species that grows around the globe. Our select maple is sturdy for cabinetry and offers a subtle appearance with minimal grain, and a creamy, pale yellow color.

Paint Grade Maple

Chosen specifically for clients who want tinted lacquer or paint, this type of maple has minimal grain and is very hard. It holds the color beautifully and is sturdy and durable for long-lasting wear.

Select Alder Wood

Select alder wood is a species has a beautiful, smooth grain and a light brown color with red undertones. It’s important to note that select alder is a lighter weight, softer wood than maple that requires more care to prevent denting and damage.

Rustic Alder Wood

Perfect for rustic, cabin, and southwest styles, rustic alder wood has visible knots and grains. Customers tend to choose a light stain in order to let the natural wood shine through.

Cherry Wood

Cherry is a classic species of wood for cabinetry with a satin texture and a beautiful, smooth grain. The natural wood has a red-brown look that darkens over time, but dark colored stains are a gorgeous option.

Sapele Wood

This African wood species is a hard wood that is the perfect substitute for mahogany. With a dark color and a lovely, ribbon grain, this wood stands out in a modern kitchen

Hickory Wood

Hickory is a hard, strong wood with a medium brown color that offers golden highlights and wide color variation. With a medium texture and a straight grain, this is a lovely, classic type of wood for cabinets.

Why Choose Cabinet Cures

We have served the Cary area for over three decades, and you can feel confident that we have an in-depth knowledge of the types of wood for cabinets as well as how to make them look their absolute best. With our design team’s assistance, you’ll know exactly how each species holds up to wear and tear, which one offers the qualities you want, and what you can expect from the end result. In addition, we can bring out the full potential of each species with our expert craftsmanship, ensuring an outcome you love that will add value and beauty to your home.

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