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Your cabinet doors are highly visible features, and they also see a lot of wear and tear. That’s why, if you’re considering having cabinet refacing or resurfacing done, you want to go with a trusted name in cabinetry. With Cabinet Cures of the Triangle™, you’ll get high-quality, long-lasting cabinet doors in Cary made from beautiful natural wood and available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Choosing Your Cabinet Door Features

Our in-home design consultant will discuss your options and help you determine what you need and want for your home. To see physical examples of your options, you can also visit our showroom.

Types of Wood

Getting durable, beautiful cabinet doors starts with using the right type of wood. When we apply our custom stains into the natural wood cabinetry, we take care to make sure you can see the beautiful grains and texture of the wood. That’s why we use Maple for our process.

Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing the right style of cabinet door can set the tone for your kitchen, whether you prefer a simple, minimal Shaker style or you want a more ornate style, like the Staffordshire Raised. We have something for every preference and aesthetic.

Shaker Beadboard
Edinburgh Raised
Woburn Raised
Winchester Raised
Nottingham Raised
Nottingham Raised
Sussex Raised
Staffordshire Raised

Custom Stains and Tinted Lacquer

We believe that the natural beauty of the wood should shine through, which is why our custom stains are specifically created to highlight the wood and increase the appeal. Also, we take care only to apply stains by hand to prevent the “painted” look and ensure we use the ideal amount to get the color you want while still showing the grain and design. We have numerous stains to choose from, ranging from natural to deep chocolate tones and rich mahogany.

For our tinted lacquer, we blend a top coat with rich pigments for a durable, long-lasting finish that is easy to clean and maintain. We only use paint-grade maple wood when applying a tinted lacquer to your cabinet doors to get the best finish. Our lacquers range from vibrant white and soft cream to deep blue and classic gray.

Custom Glazes for Your Cabinet Doors

For a traditional, antiqued look, we can apply a gorgeous glaze to your cabinets. First, we apply stain or tinted lacquer to the cabinet door, then apply a semi-transparent color which is left to dry. Then, our cabinet craftsmen wipe off much of the dried glaze, leaving behind the color within the corners and along the detailing, creating a subtle beauty and a rich yet rustic look. Finally, a clear coat is applied to protect the doors and maintain their look.


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