Glaze vs Accent Finish. What’s the Difference?

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What’s Glaze? What’s Accent?

Finishes like a top coat, glaze, or accent can complete the look of your cabinet doors in Raleigh, NC or in the surrounding areas. There are 2 terms, glaze and accent, that are often used when referring to some finishing processes. These are two separate processes that result in their own unique outcome. They are however similar, so it can be easy to get confused. Let’s take a look and see how distinctive each process is.

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Glaze Finishes

When speaking of a glaze finish, we’re talking about a thin, hand applied, semi-transparent cover that goes over cabinet doors which have already been lacquered, stained or painted. After application, the glaze is wiped away, which results in a residue left behind. This residue adds color to moldings, edges, engraved designs, corners and imperfections existing in the wood. This tints the entire door color of the lacquered, stained, or painted cabinet door a lighter or darker hue while adding more highlights, depth, and texture to the wood.

Kitchens with a rustic, country, traditional, or antique aesthetic can easily use glaze finishes as they create highlights and depth for the worn and constantly used look. Another great perk is that some finishes on kitchen appliances can successfully accent glazed cabinet doors.

Our cabinet refacing specialists in Raleigh, NC and nearby only apply 100% water-based custom glazes. Lacquered or stained cabinet doors are applied wet with a custom glaze, allowed to dry, and then wiped off by hand as a powder. We always inspect each glazed door on its own, that way we can ensure that the outcome meets the right specifications. To protect this look from damage in the future, the glazed door is covered in a crystal clear top coat.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Accent Finishes

Now we arrive at accent finishing. The accent process is more precise with its application. While the glaze finish is brushed across the entire cabinet door, an accent glaze is applied only to the edges, corners, profiles, molding design, and grooves with a pen or brush and then wiped off. This will keep your existing lacquer or stain color intact, but let’s other aspects pop. Elements like depth, woodgrain textures and highlights will be more apparent.

Accenting will pull out the lesser seen features on your cabinet doors in Raleigh, NC or nearby, and is perfect for rustic and vintage looking kitchens. Countertops and various appliances may also visually pair well with cabinets that have undergone an accent treatment. This finish is a great and simple addition to the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen while still keeping the original stained or lacquered color of your wood cabinet doors.

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