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Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Crown Molding Styles

You can bring more value to your home with a professional cabinet refacing. Smaller tasks in your kitchen, such as under cabinet lighting, wall art, and adding a new color to the walls, can strengthen your style. But you can also add even more style to your cabinets with high quality crown molding installed by professionals in Raleigh, NC or in the surrounding areas.

Crown molding is an architectural feature fitted to the top of your upper cabinets to help draw your eye upward and creating an illusion of a larger kitchen. Designs are usually carved into the moldings which will help your kitchen’s and cabinet’s looks stand out even more. Depending on the height of the ceilings, the crown moldings are either attached to the cabinets and the ceiling or they leave a gap between them. This gap actually is a great spot for adding in dimmer lights or regular lights. The resulting ambiance can be spectacular.

Crown moldings have been around for thousands of years as decorations to a room or building, originating about 2,500 years ago by the ancient Greeks. In the old days, stone was the primary material used to create moldings. Later on, in about the 18th century, craftsmen started to use things like plaster and wood.

Nowadays, the expansion of materials has grown to include foam and polyurethane, although the traditional materials of wood and plaster are still used. The traditional, visual design techniques developed by the ancient Greeks are still in practice when creating molding. As crown moldings became more available and popular, they spread into use within homes all around. Before that, they had only really been seen in upper-class homes.

Wood can be shaped and cut in many different ways, making it a highly used material. With us, you can choose from a large variety of quality woods. We offer both hardwood and softwood selections. If you’re having us do a kitchen cabinet refacing in Raleigh, NC or nearby, our experts can make sure your cabinets match your crown moldings. They’ll ensure that the match is made correctly with the proper stain, grain, wood species, lacquer and/or paint. Crown Moldings are highly recommended to update and upscale the style of your kitchen cabinets if you don’t have them already. Cabinet Cures manufactures all of its crown moldings in the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll have quite a few choices to consider when choosing the proper crown molding. Some of these include the wood species, the grain, and the stain, paint, or lacquer. Another is the style and design of the crown molding itself. View some samples below and start thinking of how they fit into your vision.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Bead & Curve

This type of crown molding is popularly used in kitchens. It is a simple design that adds a subtle touch to your cabinets.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Rope Border

Rope or bead details gives this European style molding a royal look. Generally, with this type of detailing, the bead or rope details are created separately and then attached to the crown molding by a cut or groove. You can add to this crown molding’s style with beautiful stains or glazes.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation

Egg & Dart

This molding uses an egg shape and dart component which alternate. It is also known as an Egg and Tongue design. This particularly ornamented molding can be traced back to an ancient temple in Athens called the Erechteion where the design is seen in the Ancient Greek architecture.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation


The rows with notched blocks gives this molding unique dimension and nice depth. This molding style came about within the Beaux-Arts movement happening during the 18th century. It’s somewhat masculine feel is a blend of contemporary and European styles, allowing you to add a unique flair to your kitchen.

Cabinet Cures of the Triangle | Kitchen Renovation


This kind of crown molding catches eyes with its clean lines and geometric shapes. The designs can be intricate and packed or may just include a few chosen shapes to accent your kitchen style.

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