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Drab, damaged, or dated cabinetry can make your entire kitchen look rundown, but with cabinet refacing in Apex from Cabinet Cures of the Triangle, you can get transform your kitchen into the modern, gorgeous space you’ve been dreaming of! Best of all, it’s an affordable, fast alternative to replacing your existing cabinets.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

When you have your cabinets refaced, we remove all the drawer faces and doors, replacing them with new ones that are customized to your preferences. While the drawers and doors are being prepared, the existing cabinet boxes are covered with a thin layer of high-quality, natural wood. Because the frames are staying in place, the construction work is minimized, meaning it can be completed quickly and in less time than replacing your cabinets. Best of all, you’ll get exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost!

Our Cabinet Refacing Process

At Cabinet Cures Of The Triangle, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and making sure you get exactly what you want. That’s why every project starts with a personalized, in-home design consultation. Our professional consultant will discuss the customization features you can choose and what options will work best to meet your design preferences and budget. After we review your options, you’ll pick the type of wood you want used as well as the door and drawer facing design and the finishing color.

You can also choose whether to come into our showroom to see how the customization options look in person or we can show you design options from the comfort of your home. No matter your choice, we make a point to work side-by-side with you to ensure you’re 100 percent satisfied right from the start. Once you pick exactly what you want, our team of expert craftsmen will get to work.


We start by removing all the existing doors and drawer faces as the new doors and drawer faces will be custom finished in our production facility. Doing this allows us to keep mess to a minimum while allowing you to keep using your kitchen.


Once the doors and drawers are off, we begin applying wood to reface the box frames, taking care to ensure comprehensive coverage and no seams or visible lines. If it’s part of the design, we also use this time to expand your kitchen with custom cabinets.

After the cabinets are refaced and finished with either a paint, stain, or lacquer, we install the new cabinet drawers and doors, and add any finishing touches to get the look you want.


Our team of cabinet craftsmen have most projects complete in about five days, though we don’t consider the job complete unless you’re 100 percent satisfied.

Why Choose Cabinet Cures

Most cabinet refacing companies in and around Apex use laminate veneers and prefabricated cabinet doors and drawers which don’t offer the beauty or durability of real, natural wood. At Cabinet Cures of the Triangle™, you’ll get real wood facing and any cabinetry construction or finishing is done by hand by our experienced craftsmen. With our decades of experience and reputation for excellence, you can feel confident that your kitchen is in good hands.

In addition to providing exceptional quality and workmanship, we offer a variety of service packages and upgrades to ensure you get what you want, including an in-home design consultation. We understand that old, outdated cabinetry can be an eyesore, but with our turn-key services, you’ll get a kitchen or bathroom facelift that adds value to your home.

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